Eco Clean - Portable Disinfectant Maker

Eco Clean turns salt and water into a germ-killing solution by using a safe, low-voltage electrical charge. Just $39 each, usually $139.
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Introducing a sustainable and environmentally friendly machine that allows you to create your own supply of effective sanitizing solution.

Eco Clean turns salt and water into a powerful germ-killing solution by using a safe, low-voltage electrical charge. This solution kills bacteria and viruses, is safe for humans and animals and is kinder to the environment.

Science at your fingertips

With just two simple ingredients, water and salt, you can create a powerful and effective solution which kills bacteria and viruses.

Eco Clean's electrolytic reaction happens right in front of your eyes to create Electrolysed Water: Hypochlorous Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite. It is a safe and natural disinfectant recommended by health experts.

Simply recharge, refill and react whenever you need it.

Where to use Eco Clean

✅ Furniture: High frequency contact areas such as door handles, light switches, carpets, telephone, coffee table

✅ Kitchen: refrigerator, knives, tableware, sink, counter tops. Also great for washing fruit and vegetables as it degrades surface pesticides which may be present.

✅ Bathroom: toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, floor

✅ Baby toys: blocks, balls, dolls, trucks, play mats

✅ The office: mouse, keyboard, desk, printer

✅ Car: seats, steering wheel, dashboard, handbrake, gear stick, door handles

✅ Pet areas: pet beds and toys. It also removes odours.

✅ Personal items: mobile phone, touch screen tablets, headphones, purse, handbag, keys, makeup brushes, gym and sports gear.

✅ Can be used in schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, veterinarians, aged care facilities

What does the disinfectant solution kill?

Bacteria, viruses and fungi.

✅ Viruses: such as Polio, avian influenza, influenza A, hand foot and mouth virus

✅ Bacteria: Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (golden and white), e-coli, hepatitis

✅ Fungi: Kills mold of aspergillus flavus, candida albicans and algae.

✅ PLUS it deodorizes and decontaminates: it can effectively degrade pesticide residues on fruit and vegetables

About Hypochlorous Acid

Eco Clean produces Electrolysed Water with an effective molecule known as Hypochlorous Acid (HClO). It is a potent cleaner and disinfectant that is also safe to use around the home.

Hypochlorous acid is actually the same substance your white blood cells produce to fight off infections. It is so gentle that it is actually used in wound healing products commercially.

So if Electrolysed Water is so good, then why do people use other chemical commercial disinfectants?

The simple answer is shelf life.

Even though Hypochlorous Acid has been used for years industrially, it is not practical to distribute for domestic use.

Hypochlorous Acid breaks down over a very short time period. This means it does not make sense to produce, pack, ship and retail it like conventional cleaning products. By the time you buy it, it would be useless! This is why it needs to be made right before you use it. Eco Clean makes this possible.

Environmentally friendly

✅ The disinfectant solution produced by Eco Clean will not pollute the environment. It breaks down in air and light into water without any harmful residues. Does not contain free chlorine and does not react with other organic substances to form carcinogenic chlorinated organic compounds.

✅ You will not need to buy those plastic bottles of disinfectant any more, saving on plastic use and reducing landfill.

✅ No disposable batteries required. Eco Clean recharges via USB.

✅ No dyes, fragrances or additives.

Why is the size of the bottle important?

The 90ml capacity of Eco Clean is ideal because:

✅ The disinfectant solution naturally breaks down in air and light. You should use the solution within 7 days for maximum disinfecting power. After 7 days, simply make another batch with just water and salt. You can easily sanitize your entire home every day for 7 days with just 90ml. A larger bottle is just wasteful.

✅ Eco Clean is portable and can be carried with you wherever you go. Easy to put in your handbag and you can make disinfectant on the go. It's below the liquid allowance for air travel, but you don't even need to travel with it full. Just fill it with water and salt when you are ready to use it. Make public bathrooms and hotel rooms safe again!

✅ Eco Clean fits neatly into your hand for ease of use. The wide surface area on the spray pump is easy to press and always gives a fine and even mist.

✅ Eco Clean's compact size makes it a much more affordable alternative to others on the market. Why spend $159 to $280 when you can get a better, less wasteful alternative?

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Terms and conditions apply. Eco Clean is brought to you by SaniSprite - a Tasmanian owned and run family business. SaniSprite makes no therapeutic claims or offers any health advice. For full conditions, please contact SaniSprite.

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SaniSprite is a Tasmanian company providing innovative sanitising products that are better for the environment and help reduce waste. Our mission is to create a healthier space for you and your family.

SaniSprite offers three innovative products to protect you and your family, as well as the environment:

Smart Foam - a hands free, battery free foam soap dispenser that works with their SaniTabs.

SaniTabs - stop buying new bottles every time you run out of soft soap. Just refill with water and drop in a SantiTab for instant liquid soap.

Eco Clean - a disinfectant generator. Make your own disinfectant with just salt and water with this handy, portable disinfectant sprayer.

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