Smart Foam - AUTOMATIC Hands Free Foam Soap Dispenser

Smart Foam is an automatic hands free foam soap dispenser with a modern design. Plus no batteries needed, charge with a USB. Just $59, usually $139!
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We are washing our hands a lot more these days. Smart Foam is an automatic hands free foam soap dispenser with a sleek, modern design ……but it’s not just what it does, it’s what’s inside too!

✅ No batteries to replace

Smart Foam charges via USB cable. It takes just one hour to fully charge and then will last for 2000 uses (yes, two thousand uses) before it needs charging again. That’s a good few months of use for the average family.

✅ Saves you money

No need for expensive, messy liquid soap refills – Smart Foam uses our innovative soap tablets. Just fill Smart Foam’s tank with water and add one soap tablet. The soap solution turns into thick luxurious foam as soon as it dispenses out of Smart Foam’s nozzle.  This foam easily distributes over hands for a thorough wash. Less soap is used than liquid soap, it rinses cleanly and it’s much more effective!

✅ Better for the environment

  • No disposable batteries means less harmful metals in the environment
  • No plastic liquid soap refill bottles means less landfill
  • Foaming hand soap saves water and energy and has a lower chemical impact compared to traditional liquid soaps. Foam soaps also cover more hand surface area per dose, providing a more effective wash.

✅ Turns an everyday task into a pleasure

Makes washing hands fun. Kids will love using Smart Foam too and washing hands is no longer a chore. It’s just such a cool machine! Plus they’ll never waste soap again, with Smart Foam’s metered dose of soap.

✅ Enhance your home decor

There will be less mess in your bathroom because you never need to touch Smart Foam to use it. You just place your hand under the nozzle and the infrared sensor triggers the foam dispenser automatically. Smart Foam looks sleek and stylish like a luxury hotel accessory.  All your guests are going to want one too!

✅ A quality machine that we guarantee

We know you’ll be impressed with the quality of Smart Foam.  We’ve tested it rigorously and we’re sure you’ll enjoy years of hand washing.  Once you try it, you’ll never go back to those cake soaps or liquid pump soaps again!

✅ Excellent value for money

Smart Foam is priced to provide you with excellent value for money. You’ll save hundreds of dollars immediately on the cost of your old soaps. You’ll want to put one in each washroom in your house (even the office). Smart Foam makes an excellent gift idea too.

About the soap tablets - SaniTab (available for purchase separately here)

SaniTab comes in a range of delicious scents: rose, orange, ocean, aloe and jasmine. A pack of 10 is just $16.90 (that’s only $1.69 for a full tank of handwash in the Smart Foam machine!) which can last the average family up to 6 months. They have a PH ≈ 6.6 which is close to human skin, so it can reduce irritation that some soap can cause. Plus they contain plant extracts and a mild moisturising formula.

(Note: Smart Foam does not include SaniTabs. They are purchased separately.)

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Terms and conditions apply. Smart Foam does not include SaniTabs. They are purchased separately. Smart Foam is brought to you by SaniSprite - a Tasmanian owned and run family business. SaniSprite makes no therapeutic claims or offers any health advice. For full conditions, please contact SaniSprite.

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About SaniSprite

SaniSprite is a Tasmanian company providing innovative sanitising products that are better for the environment and help reduce waste. Our mission is to create a healthier space for you and your family.

SaniSprite offers three innovative products to protect you and your family, as well as the environment:

Smart Foam - a hands free, battery free foam soap dispenser that works with their SaniTabs.

SaniTabs - stop buying new bottles every time you run out of soft soap. Just refill with water and drop in a SantiTab for instant liquid soap.

Eco Clean - a disinfectant generator. Make your own disinfectant with just salt and water with this handy, portable disinfectant sprayer.

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The Black Dog Institute
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SaniSprite is proud to be a retail supporter of the Black Dog Institute. The Black Dog Institute is a world-leader in the research of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness such as depression and bipolar disorder. Mental health touches us all and the research and support that the Black Dog Institute provides is vital. SaniSprite is donating a portion of sales to this worthy cause and we thank you for your support.

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